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Reduce stress with Bowen Therapy : special offer for healthcare workers

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

The healthcare workers : nurses, healthcare assistants and doctors, who work 12 - hours shifts, which can include overnight shifts, irregular hours , night shifts and weekends add stress for them.

So it's time that they need to be supported. As a nurse I would like to offer an amazing Bowen Therapy.

Bowen Therapy allows to let go of stress and tension. It promotes a sense of calmness, mental clarity, and emotional weel-being, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to take on life's challenges. In this therapy , the therapist links their hands with the client's and moves them from one part of the body to another. The movement facilitates an increase of blood flow into muscles, which helps break up knots that may be causing pain or discomfort in those areas. These sessions also promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension while soothing nerves. After just one session , many people report lower levels of anxiety as well as increased energy levels.

For all healthcare workers, I have an amazing offer :

  • 10 euro discount on each Bowen therapy session

Don't wait any longer ! Take a charge of your health and experience the transformative power of Bowen Therapy today !

Schedule your first session and unlock a world of natural healing and holistic wellness. Your body deserves it, you deserve it <3

Schedule an appointment for Bowen Therapy on my website

Or just contact me through WhatsApp : 089 250 9987

Better body with Bowen Therapy <3

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