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 My name is Ania Kmieciak and I am a nurse with many years of experience. I worked in the department of Oncology, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and the operating suite. I love my job and I love to help others - all I need is joy in their eyes and successful recovery. 

For many years I have been fascinated by Bowen therapy, which has become very popular not only in Australia, where it began, but also around the world.

This therapy is very effective, but requires patience, systematicity and cooperation with me. Holistic therapies are not a pill where the pain will quickly disappear. Here you need to wait patiently for the therapeutic effects. And what is important, holistic therapies have no side effects. That's why I love Bowen therapy so much and I want to help others using this treatment method.

I constantly take part in courses to deepen my knowledge of holistic medicine. I approach each patient individually and try to devote as much time as possible to help solve their health problems.

On my website (My blog) you will find a lot of interesting information about natural medicine. Soon I will also include the scope of my nursing services, which I can provide both in your home and in my clinic. I cordially invite you to follow my website.

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