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Bowen therapy for pregnant and postpartum women

The Bowen technique provides relief from ailments during pregnancy.

Bowen therapy is a manual holistic therapy that involves the therapist performing delicate and characteristic movements.

The therapy removes ailments, treats various diseases, and in the case of pregnant women, it can help change the position of the baby before delivery.

Bowen therapy is not only a proven method of pain relief, but it can also be used in pregnant women to loosen up, relax, and turn the fetus when the position is breech.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen therapy involves movements performed using the therapist's hand, without the use of pharmacological agents or other additional equipment. The procedure itself is non-invasive, delicate and leads to deep relaxation of the patient, and the patient often falls asleep.

Each therapeutic session is conducted in silence - no relaxing music is played in the office during the session, no talking is allowed - with the exception of necessary recommendations such as inhaling or exhaling. In the therapist's office, you must turn off your phone so as not to disturb the therapy.

It is worth mentioning that this therapy is not a massage. Her main recommendation is to perform the session without pain, which is often simply not possible in the case of massage. Due to the fact that the procedure itself is not invasive, there are no contraindications to performing it.

Bowen therapy may be helpful in reversing a malpositioned fetus

A very common benefit of using Bowen Therapy is the ability to turn a baby that is in an incorrect position at the end of pregnancy.

What happens then and what does it look like during the session?

Using gentle movements on soft tissues, i.e. the diaphragm, sacrum, back and pelvis muscles, it moisturizes the fascia, thus increasing the elasticity of all affected and connected myofascial structures and indirectly affecting very deep tissues. As a result of such activities, the space in which the child stays becomes spacious and soft, thanks to which he can move a little more freely. And since the baby's head at the end of pregnancy is much heavier than the rest of its body, after gaining more freedom, the baby, thanks to its natural movements, lands upside down and remains in this position until delivery.

Bowen therapy during pregnancy - how can it help?

Bowen therapy can be useful throughout pregnancy, before and even after birth, as it can also be used on newborns and infants.

It may be helpful in removing:

  • Heartburn

  • Reflux

  • Nausea

  • Swelling or pain in the lower back

  • Recommended for urinary incontinence

As a result of Bowen Therapy, the body prepares well for childbirth, which can proceed more calmly, harmoniously and with less pain, without complications and medical interventions.

It is also worth contacting a Bowen therapist when the mother has problems with lactation or when the baby has difficulty sucking the breast or in the case of milk stasis or abdominal problems, i.e. colic.

Bowen procedures performed on newborns or infants do not last long and can be performed without removing the child from the mother's lap or belly, and even such positioning is highly recommended.

However, a young mother who comes to the clinic with her baby can hold it in her arms, feed it, etc. - and at the same time she can have the procedure performed in a sitting position, and the child, who is safe with the mother, will also undergo the therapy with peace of mind.

Bowen Therapy in the treatment of infertility remains insufficiently appreciated. The treatments give great results in regulating the cycle and hormonal balance, and treat dysfunctions of the reproductive system. They support the body in situations of excessive stress or civilization factors and are often a very effective tool for restoring blocked fertility.

Healthy Vibes is frequently visited by women with problems with linea alba dehiscence (m. rectus abdominis), pubic symphysis diastasis or stress urinary incontinence. All these problems are solved very effectively by Bowen Therapy.

Recently, pregnant and postpartum women with symptoms of postpartum pain and body pain are increasingly visiting my clinic. I had a client who had extreme body pain after giving birth. She was unable to perform daily activities. Climbing the stairs was a huge challenge. She couldn't enjoy motherhood because of persistent pain. The family doctor recommended Paracetamol, which provided no relief. Additionally, after night feeding, shoulder pain occurred and lasted for two weeks. The patient was enrolled in rehabilitation, but she withdrew from it after only two Bowen therapy sessions. Now she can enjoy motherhood and has returned to her normal duties. No rehabilitation, no painkillers. The shoulder blade pain disappeared - after a few Bowen movements. Back pain during pregnancy is sometimes very persistent. And here too, Bowen gives fantastic results.

I invite you to my new clinic, Healthy Vibes, which is located in the center of Cork. If you have any questions, feel free:

I'll be happy to help !!

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