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Ground yourself everyday ...

The beautiful sun and the blue of the sky made me happy to go to the forest to ground myself ❤️

What is Grounding? Well, the name indicates that it is the body's connection to the earth. When we are well grounded, we feel safe and have a lot of energy - we raise our electrical vibrations. Grounding is used by many alternative therapists who argue that daily 30-minute contact with the ground is enough to:

* stimulate and increase energy levels,

* remove muscle tension and headaches,

* reduce the level of stress and reduce fatigue,

* improve the quality of sleep,

* reduce chronic pain,

* improve circulation.

How to ground yourself? It is enough to go into the forest, sit by a tree or lie down on the bare ground and listen to the rustle of trees and the singing of birds. Breathe deeply. Be thankful for the landscape around you. ❤️❤️❤️

Grounding the mind

❤️ Focus on the here and now

❤️Take care of your physical space, body and relationships with loved ones

❤️Become aware of your values, skills and qualities

❤️Observe and balance your sense of responsibility

❤️See yourself as part of the whole

And ...

❤️ Schedule an appointment with Ania for Bowen therapy.

With love ❤️

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