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I am a nurse with many years of experience. I worked in the department of Oncology, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and the operating suite. I love my job and I love to help others - without expecting anything in return - all I need is joy in their eyes and successful recovery. In patient care, the most important thing for me is a holistic approach. What does a holistic approach mean? A holistic approach to a patient is based on restoring harmony in all areas of his life, and not only on the treatment of a given organ or ailments. My many years of experience have allowed me to look at the therapy of patients from different perspectives. Psychological approach to treatment - in my opinion, is very important. unfortunately it is also the area which is often neglected by doctors. At Oncology, I noticed that treatments often ended tragically for patients with negative attitudes. Diet - is another - very important factor in the process of recovery or maintaining health. Unfortunately, this factor is also omitted by doctors and patients. The pill may not always do the trick, and taking too many drug medication may do more harm than good. That is why balance is so important, and unfortunately little is said about it. On my website you will find a lot of interesting information about natural medicine. Soon I will also include the scope of my nursing services, which I can provide both in your home and in my clinic. I cordially invite you to follow my website.



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