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Breathe consciously !

'The breath is the best doctor for our body. The breath can heal us better than anything else in the world. Breathing is so simple and obvious that no one is aware of its immense power.'

Leonard Orr

As a nurse with many years of experience working in a hospital, I have had the opportunity to observe patients' vital signs, specifically oxygen saturation. People breathe shallowly, often through their mouths, which leads to many health problems. And often, instead of focusing on the breath and its effects, they reach for more pills to improve sleep, concentration or to deal with infection. And so the circle closes, and health problems often return or build up. Improper breathing leads to the failure of the lymphatic system, and then to the poisoning of the body. Physical and mental health is then in a state of strongly disturbed balance. Conscious breathing costs nothing, and is even beneficial for our health and life. The basis of health is an efficient and well-functioning circulatory system, which is responsible for the transport of nutrients. However, for the removal of harmful substances - toxins - the body has a lymphatic system, which is driven in part by breathing and by muscle movements. By breathing consciously - deeply - we get the most effective method of cleansing our body. I begin almost every Bowen session with short breathing exercises to prepare the patient for therapy. During a Bowen therapy session, it is very important to breathe consciously, because each movement is performed after a deep exhalation. Patients after the Bowen procedure feel an improvement in breathing. They feel as if their breathing has become deeper on its own. They feel an improvement in well-being, better sleep quality, improved concentration, an alleviation or removal of pain. Very often, patients report to me that their blood test results have improved significantly. And it's all thanks to the wonderful Bowen therapy combined with conscious breathing.

Here are the signs you may need Bowen Therapy:

* You feel stressed * You have a neurological disease * You are in back pain * You suffer from sciatica * Your baby suffers from bed-wetting * Knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, or foot problems * You are not getting enough sleep * You are suffering from regular headaches * You have respiratory problems * You have a recurrent urinary infection or urinary incontinence * You feel depressed * You have fertility issues

My goal is to improve your health and help you so that you can enjoy the charms of life. If you suffer from pain, stress, or other ailments, contact me: or book a Bowen Therapy appointment on my website:

I offer the therapy directly to the patient’s home, should their general health restrain them from moving.

Better Body with Bowen Therapy


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