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Bowen Hands

Today I received The Journal Of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. I'm happy to be finally able to enjoy reading about some case studies with great results. For example Multiple Sclerosis testimonial from my lovely Greece.

' With Bowtech I have successfully dealt with migraine attacks, pains in the scapula and neck, swelling in the legs ( ankles and feet ) - which I tried treating unsuccessfully with anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy.

The Bowen Technique has also helped me a lot to overcome a frustrating phase in my life, in which I suffered from frequent urinary tract infections, without having to take antibiotics.

In relation to MS I must admit that I have been quite sceptical, as having a neurological disease I considered it very difficult for my body to respond to a treatment that causes this type of stimuli. However, I must say that it has helped me a lot with my balance and stability as well as with my general coordination and my psychological issues.

From personal experience, I believe that Bowtech substantially upgrades the quality of life of people facing health issues.

Furthermore, it is a simple technique which initiates absolutely no pain and does not prohibit you from receiving your treatment.

My sincere thanks go out to my therapist Vanda Giannouchou !

T.T Athens - Greece

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