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Better bodies with Bowen Therapy

Developed in the 1950’s by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia, The Bowen Technique is a gentle but dynamic body therapy that is therapeutic and very effective. It empowers the body‘s own healing resources, achieving balance and harmony, and often results in fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort. The technique is considered appropriate to use on anyone from newborns to the elderly, with any condition from sports injuries to chronic or organic complaints.


A treatment comprises sequences of small gentle moves, each at specific sites on the body. There is no forceful manipulation, just a light cross‐fibre manoeuvring of a muscle, tendon or ligament, pleasant to the recipient. The Bowen Technique taps into the body‘s natural feedback system that monitors the state of each muscle. As well as releasing any tension within the muscles, the moves also work on energy blocks (accumulated by injury, tension or disease), allowing increased energy flow and hence healing ability.

The technique not only addresses the musculoskeletal framework but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs. The body‘s integrated response improves circulation, and lymph drainage and aids in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

The Bowen technique supports traditional treatment and alleviates the symptoms of many diseases and improves the quality of life.

It is a method that does not negate conventional medicine but complements it. In this way, it can effectively alleviate the symptoms of many diseases and improve the quality of life, also in patients suffering from severe diseases. It is worth knowing that there are no specific contraindications to therapy with the Bowen technique. The therapist adjusts the range of movements and working method to the specific predispositions and problems of the patient.

Bowen therapy is a method that improves the quality of life of patients and can bring relief also to terminally ill patients as well. It was designed to improve the functioning of the body.

Treatments bring amazing results regardless of the patient's age and the severity of the health problem they are struggling with. The first effects appear most often after a few treatments, but can be clearly felt even after the first therapeutic session.

Bowen technique therapy improves the quality of life and relieves symptoms, some of which include:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: pain in the spine, hips and knees as well as degeneration, sciatica, discopathy, overloads and injuries,

  • Neurological diseases and chronic stress and tension, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome,

  • Cardiovascular problems: hypertension and lymph congestion,

  • Diseases of the thyroid gland and endocrine glands,

  • Diseases of the urinary system: urinary incontinence, recurrent infections and inflammation of the bladder and urethra,

  • Migraines, dizziness, and sinus problems

  • Abnormalities of the reproductive system, menstrual disorders and perinatal ailments, and menopause

  • Digestive system problems and digestive and excretory problems: heartburn, reflux, peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder and colon diseases, chronic diarrhoea, constipation, and haemorrhoids,

  • Respiratory diseases: asthma, emphysema, as well as allergies.

Bowen Therapy is a manual technique based on a holistic approach to the human body, which improves the functioning of the entire body and causes healing by activating self-repair processes. However, in many difficult incurable situations, it can help, improve the quality of life.

My goal is to improve your health and help you so you can fully enjoy the charms of life. If you suffer from pain, stress or other ailments, contact me or book a Bowen Therapy appointment.

With love,


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