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A typical Bowen session ...

Bowen technique session - practical remarks

The Bowen Therapeutic Technique consists of gentle thumbs and fingers movements over the muscles and connective tissues that can be used both on bare skin and with clothing. In this way, signals are sent deep into the body that trigger the memory of cells with a preferred, relaxed and harmonized state of well-being. Between each session of movements there is a necessary break of several minutes, during which the patient lies and rests in solitude, while his body uses the time it needs to process the signals and initiate the healing process.

The results can be remarkable, even after the first visit, as the body continues to heal itself for the next few days.

Often, just a few visits are enough to start the process of dealing with a specific ailment. The therapist can focus on a specific problem or approach the body as a whole.

Treatment sessions are performed every seven days.

Unlike other direct therapies, the Bowen Technique does not involve physical force. The therapist does not force the body to do "what is told to do", but allows the body to do the work that is necessary for it to heal in a timely manner.

Before the session

Bowen's therapeutic treatment does not require any special preparations in advance. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Plan your day so that there is no need for strenuous activities after the session.

  • Bowen's movements are best done directly on bare skin, or through thin, non-slip clothing - that's why you can prepare an outfit, e.g. shorts/boxer shorts, cotton (not slippery) loose T-shirt.

  • Turn off the phone so that it does not disturb you during the procedure.

During the session

  • The most important recommendation is to try to relax and unwind.

  • The session begins lying on your stomach while barefoot. For convenience, I offer pillows, and if you feel cold a cosy blanket as well.

  • Throughout the treatment, try not to talk. Speaking is not helpful to achieving the state of deep relaxation, that is needed to start the self-healing processes of your body. The more you relax, the better the results.

  • Generally, Bowen's movements are gentle, but should nevertheless be significant. I try to choose the right pressure for everyone, but if the movements turned out to be a bit too strong, please let me know.

  • It is important to observe the reactions and sensations in the body. There may be sensations of heat, tingling, cold, etc., but there is no rule. Each body reacts differently. However, it is worth sharing these feelings, which often prove that the body has already started working.

  • Sometimes I will say "inhale-exhale". The breaths don't have to be deep, but they should be clear.

  • In a Bowen session, breaks are very important as they give the body a significant amount of time to absorb impulses, react and initiate the healing process. During this time I leave the treatment room and after a few minutes, I come back to continue with my further movements.

After the session

  • Please don't get up right after you've finished Bowen's therapy. It's better to lie down for a while longer. When I give the sign you can sit down, or I'll help you get up from the table. It's a good idea to sit for a while and then stand up, distributing your weight on both feet.

  • Just after the Bowen Technique session, walk a bit around the room. You can also drink a glass of water to rehydrate your body and make it easier for your body to absorb and process information received through Bowen's movements.

  • On the day of the session, it is worth getting up and moving every 30 minutes. This movement will help the body reorganize itself. I also encourage you to do one long walk after the session with the Bowen Technique, especially in the nature, where it is not too noisy.

  • Avoid heavy exertion after the session. It is better to also to avoid gymnastics, gyms, yoga and other similar activities. - the 3W rule is particularly important

* Walk

* Water (water is one of the most important factors in the healing process. After Bowen's therapy, the tissue will need water to build up hydrostatic pressure and integrate structurally).

* Wait (for the body to work through the problem)

  • Remember that the body may work for the next few days after Bowen's therapy. Various sensations may or may not occur drowsiness, fatigue, heat or cold waves, redness, energy and weakness waves, and strange dreams. It is completely natural and momentary. These are just symptoms that the body has started working. It's best to wait out this period. Make a note of any feelings or changes and let me know.

  • On the day after the Bowen Technique session, do not use hot or cold compresses, it is also better not to take a too hot or cold shower or bath

  • Be sure to do any exercises if I have recommended any.

  • The body will work for a few days, so it is best to make an appointment for the next session between the 5th and 10th day from the previous Bowen therapy, a week is ideal.

  • The Bowen technique should not be combined with other therapies - a minimum 5-day break from other therapies should be kept before and after the procedure.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

With love


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